Full Service Cocktail & Wine Program Development

Just as with the kitchen, fresh ingredients, proper tools, preparation and techniques are necessary to deliver a well-crafted cocktail to your paying customers.  We can design a cocktail program tailored for your restaurant or bar that best suits your location and the needs of your guests.   However, a cocktail menu is just the tip of the iceberg. A cocktail program means nothing without the systems behind it to maintain the program. These systems include ordering and inventory control, preparation and set up, as well as training and education. GMDC strongly believes it is these back-end systems that, more than anything else, are the key to success for any beverage program. We will build out and deliver these systems to help you, your team and your establishment succeed.  

Wine Program 

We craft wine programs to enhance and improve the cuisine, sales and profitability of your business. Our wine professionals have the experience and resources to design a high profile wine selection at the best prices while carefully controlling inventory turn over and cost of goods sold. 


Bartenders Training

This training program is designed to train your bartenders in back to basic bar and cocktail techniques. It covers history of the cocktail in the US, current and relevant trends in mixology, bar set up, working with fresh juices and herbs, proper balance, essential bar tools and proper usage, and a look at six “pillar” cocktails. Your bartenders will leave the seminar informed, confident and ready to serve your customers better.

The training is for the experienced bartender, the career bartender, the new bartender, the bar manager or anyone looking to better their game as a bartender. As bartenders we pick up bad habits behind the bar, which we then pass on to new bartenders. These bad habits adversely affect the quality of our cocktails, our customers’ experiences, the bar’s bottom line and gratuity. Bring the craft back into your profession and give your customers a better experience.


Wine & Spirits Training

The wine and spirit worlds are fascinating. Each spirit category is a lesson in history, geography, politics and science. It is a story in craftsmanship, facts, fictions, half-truths and legend. Each category or style developed in a specific place of the world at a specific time for a specific reason. We will unravel the history and facts about each category and the modern brands which make up these categories.

Sprit category trainings are an ideal way to help your service team or sales team better understand the beverage world, to stay competitive and to best service your customers.