Private Events

Custom Beverage Services

OCCASIONS – Weddings, family events

Specialty His & Her Drink Menus

We celebrate the beauty of coming together as a couple with tailored beverage creation unique their personalities. GMDC believes that great beverages should be part of being together with family and friends, and by celebrating the preferences of your guests, we develop tastings that are unique to your experience.

TOP FLIGHT - Business events

Celebratory Cocktails,  Themed Pairings and Tasting Flights

We believes that celebrating special occasions is great part of your business.

Whether your company has secured new interests, or you are welcoming new partnerships, we create a specialized menu for you and your guests to enjoy that goes with the occasion.

SEASONS – General Celebrations

Seasonal Menus for Every Celebration and Every Season

Each season offers a wonderful variety of fantastic options to pair with your occasion or event. Our team has created this beverage service to celebrate the bounty and beauty of the seasons, and we offer our guests a great accent to their holiday, family or professional celebrations. From professional events, to intimate entertaining, GMDC will leave your guests with something to remember.

ESSENCE – Unique “SpiritFree” Beverage Menus

We can develope a separate or complete “SpiritFree” menu for select guests or for an entire occasion. Just because the event is without alcohol doesn’t mean everyone needs to be stuck with cranberry and soda water. Utilizing effervescent beverages, specialty syrups, fresh purees, and hand squeezed juices, GMDC applies classical technique creating an exceptional “SpiritFree” beverage or menu service.

Specialized Beverage Services

FAVORS - Customized TakeAWays for Promotional or Business Events, and Personal Occasions

Guests looking to gain knowledge often approach our team with about recipes

and techniques. It has become so commonplace that our team now offers

specialty menu favors with detailed recipe instruction, so your guests can extend their enjoyment of your occasion. Ask your representative about these custom beverage takeaaways for your guests.

THE TASTING TABLE - Unique Group and Guest tastings, and instruction

Exceptional personalized service to GMDC is something to be revered. We now offer the “Tasting Table.” We have created a unique service for intimate gatherings of friends to create an exceptionally unique experience. Custom Pairings, Technique, Entertainment.